Double-take: Minority Report (2002) and Ghost (1990)

Here I give my opinion about two movies I’ve watched last week, with one of the best science-fiction/action movies ever and a good surprise cheesy classic.

Everybody runs… (but no one does it better than Tom)

This is probably my favorite Spielberg movie…

The story is great, taking its time to setup the characters, their motivations and the world around them, before starting an exhilarating race against time.
It also offers some great reflection about the concept of Pre-Crime itself, and does not give away the full plot details straightaway, it keeps building the tension, then takes surprising turns with the off-tempo third act. A blockbuster that’s not afraid to fully engage the viewer, that’s so rare.

The future world is very believable, and absolutely terrifying with the resemblance it now holds with modern times.

Tom Cruise gives an outstanding performance!
His acting talent is off the charts, he’s making you believe in the character. His commitment to the stunts and physical work, and then his intensity in the emotional scenes, it’s just perfect.

People might see Tom Cruise in his roles, but I see his roles in Tom Cruise. He IS John Anderton.
The scene in the hotel room with Leo Crow, has me on edge and on the verge of tears every time. You feel all of John’s anger, his rage, the unbelievable sadness over losing his boy. When he makes the right choice by deciding not to kill him, you sense the extreme pain he is in, then the confusion on his face when Crow reveals the treachery… A masterclass of acting.

The look of the movie is very peculiar, everything is too shiny and dull. It does a great job of accentuating the bleak aspect of this future society. Not something you see elsewhere, it gives the picture a very unique feel.

I could rave on and on about how much I love this film.

Great story, compelling characters, superior acting, unbelievable action, visually and sonically stunning… I’ll stop here.

It’s definitely one of my all time favorite movies!

A tale of cheesiness, clay, the world’s-worst-best-friend and a terrible haircut

I have known about this movie for decades, and I watched it for the first time last week.

I was left with a positive impression. It is a dramatic movie, but it is also a very fun one, with a great performance by Whoopi Goldberg, her comedic ability shines here. She just brightens some scenes and is hilarious at times.

The plot is tremendously predictable as the movie progresses, but that doesn’t mean it’s unpleasant to watch it unfold.

Plenty of emotional moments for sure, but I liked the way they are dealt with. The love between the two main characters is touching and well portrayed. It has a few beautiful scenes, notably the “could not be timed worse” possession of Oda Mae by Sam, reuniting with Molly for a brief moment.

This movie has full fledged villains. Willy Lopez is your typical sleazebag, but goddamit the character of Carl is such an asshole!

He launders money for cartels, betrays his best best friend and causes his death, then tries to schtupp his grieving girlfriend. Then goes crazy and threatens to kill her. Of course there is something off about him right at the beginning, his face betrays him. But when you think he couldn’t be worse, he goes and does something even more awful. I like the fact that the guy has no redeeming quality whatsoever. He could have been a guy in over his head, and regret what he did. But no he goes full asshole and pays the ultimate price, with a gruesome death and being dragged to hell…

The effects are still holding up, because they’re not overused. When did movies stop knowing that a lot of times less is more?

A good giggle came out with the uber-famous pottery love scene. That’s something I don’t get, clay is so non-erotic… It will dry up and crack your skin!

I can’t get past the horrible haircut they gave Demi Moore. She’s a very attractive young lady, why the hell would they give her a boyish cut?! Maybe it was the end of the 80’s / early 90’s style then, but that does look terrible.

I like Patrick Swayze, you always root for him, he just seems so nice. It’s pretty sad to see Sam go at the end, especially knowing Patrick Swayze died so young, leaving his childhood sweetheart and wife way too early.

I love the feel movies had back then, dealing with serious subjects like the death of a loved one, but with a certain candor and hopefulness that has mostly disappeared today from popular American cinema.

A nice movie about a love story, not groundbreaking but honest and generous.

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