I love making tier-lists, It’s a form a grading stuff that’s simple and very visual.


I very briefly searched online tools to make one. I found a couple that weren’t great in terms of features and output. I just stopped there and didn’t think about it more.

But now that I’m in the spirit of adding more fun stuff in my framework, I thought why not piece up something together that would get the feel I wanted.

The GUI code was very useful, with group controls taking care of positioning and drawing. I basically have a neat grid control code now.

A simple text file describes tiers and categories, then data with an image file path.

It will be pretty easy to customize the drawing code, each GUI control has dynamic properties.

The work is far from done

I noticed I have plenty of bugs with the image import / export for png & bitmap, so that’s something to focus on now… Also I managed to get a crash when trying to read pixels with non power of 4 buffer size!

I also could really use some sort of Filesystem explorer control to help testing with file loading.

A lot of work before I can mass produce movie tier lists and post about them!

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