Ollie Wride: Thanks in advance (2019)

English singer Ollie Wride presents a wonderful first solo album, synthwave at its best.

Belated Thanks

What a singer! I heard him first on FM-84‘s song Running in the Night. To me the mark of great singers comes along with the listener’s ability to recognize their voice instantly because they’re unique. Ollie Wride is definitely one of them.

I don’t follow retro-wave current events (even though I listen to a lot of it), so I was most pleased hearing a new song from Ollie Wride in the made for you playlists on Spotify.

I liked it a lot and got to listen the whole Thanks in Advance album.

I really enjoyed it, all songs are solid and let Ollie’s voice shine. I found myself listening to it several times in a row. A lot of different feelings come up, the album is uplifting, groovy, melancholic, longing and intimate.

Each song has in its own identity, in a coherent ensemble. I can’t ask more of an album, a great piece of work!

My favorites:

  • Never Live Without You
  • Overcome
  • Back to Life
  • I’m a Believer
  • Hold On

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