Wonderful Carl Weathers

A praise of american actor Carl Weathers, his best roles and his great mustache.

Apollo’s Creed

There are actors who will catch your attention once, then forever keep a special place in your heart, even if you’ve seen them only in a handful of roles.

I feel that way about Carl Weathers.

The first performance I saw of him was in Rocky III.
I enjoyed it, but I really liked his character. So after seeing all Rocky movies, I could say one thing for sure:
Apollo Creed is by far the best character in the franchise.

You might root for Rocky, but the guy you admire is Apollo.
Confident, very intelligent, charming, funny, boxing champion, the guy has everything. You want to be him. And he’s never a bad guy.

Almost all my favorite moments in those movies are with Apollo.

  • “the I-talian Stallion”
  • “Ain’t gonna be no rematch”
  • training Rocky for the Clubber lang rematch, proving that he was the superior boxer all along, Rocky just ends up copying his style
  • that balls-to-the-wall crazy song and dance scene with James Brown singing Living in America dressed up in his iconic Uncle Sam outfit

Of course a lot of it is due to Carl Weather’s performance. He looks the part, is so charismatic, you believe him, and you love him.

He’s in my opinion a HUGE reason of the success those movies had. As a brilliant antagonist to Rocky first, going from rival to trusted friend, being the only one that can help Rocky get back on his feet (and actually become a good boxer…), before tragically dying in a desperate attempt to recapture his former glory.

I don’t like any of the Rocky movies after his character’s death.
The first Creed movie is fine, but come on Michael B. Jordan ain’t no Carl Weathers…

The Alligator and the Hand

Next comes Chubbs Peterson in Happy Gilmore. A definitely less serious role, but that proved he’s also remarkable in comedy.

I don’t have any strong feelings towards Adam Sandler (positive or negative), but thanks to Chubbs I’ll gladly rewatch that movie from time to time.
Everything about him in this movie is just hilarious.

  • “because you’re black?” “Hell no, damn alligator bit my hand off” “oh my god”
  • his death when Happy brings him the alligator’s head
  • him and the alligator in paradise with Abraham Lincoln in the end

Then of course, he sings We’ve only just begun on the piano, and has the sweetest voice…
Come on Carl, leave something for the rest of us !

He did not get to the choppa

He also plays tough-as-fuck CIA agent Dillon in John McTiernan’s Predator. For sure he’s not the star of the movie, but he delivers another solid performance, by being physically imposing and convincing . And of course will forever be one half of THE most epic handshake in cinema history, along with Arnold.

I’ve just recently started watching Arrested Development, and his fake self-portrayal is amazing for any fan of his.

“Baby you a got a stew going”
I can’t wait to see the rest of his appearances on the show.
Praise the genius who had the idea to bring him on.

The rest

I have not seen everything he’s done, but I will see some more.
I’ve yet to watch Action Jackson, where for once he’s the main character. The name alone is just full of promises.
Probably will watch Hurricane Smith too, just to see him without his mustache.

I won’t be watching The Mandalorian, (let’s just stay I’m not a fan of the Disney take on Star Wars, and leave it at that), but I’m glad he gets a high-profile role, so in the end more people will know his work and appreciate it.

And now…

All this text to could be summed up by these few words:
I love you Carl Weathers, you’re great !

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