Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

The sci-fi series finally gets its first motion picture. Join Kirk and Spock in a space adventure that will challenge your sleep resistance. Energize!

Thank you Jay Jay

I didn’t get into Star Trek until the 2009 reboot by J.J. Abrams (which I will probably talk about later). I always was a Star Wars guy, I just didn’t have any interest with it. I quite liked the new movie and decided to watch all of the old ones (without watching the Original Series, because I’d probably die of boredom).
So recently I’ve bought all blu-rays of the first 6 movies, and here I am rewatching them all again.

A space odyssey (sort of)

So this one is peculiar, it starts off with just music and a black screen for a few minutes, just like Lawrence of Arabia.
What I like:
– the overall look of the movie and visual effects, I just love those ship models, the matte paintings, I’m probably too nostalgic of that era
– William Shatner, because William Shatner

The idea of the story is interesting, the link with 20th century and the early space programs.

I thought of 2001 while watching this, but not in a good way…
In 2001 the long shots, and scenes have a purpose and are well orchestrated, but here I just found myself wondering why it was so goddamn long…
– the Enterprise inspection and departure scenes, I get that the ship is iconic and the model is gorgeous, but come on…

Space is Black (and Decker)

What can be hilarious is that poor Decker (Stephen Collins) is the real hero of the story, and he gets completely screwed for the whole movie.
– Kirk takes his place as Captain of the Ship, but doesn’t know shit and almost kills them all in the wormhole
– his long lost love is killed by the probe, and he has to watch her robotic clone going around asking stupid questions before wanting to kill everybody
– he sacrifices himself to save the earth, even if the others present are way older than him
It’s implied he will ascend to a new plane of existence, become all knowing, and rejoin with bald girl (why the hell was she bald?! the actress was cute), but still he had a very shitty day!

I like the sound design too, especially that gruesome scene when the Transporter malfunctions and the Vulcan science officer dies.

Overall it’s still worth a watch I think, but don’t expect to be thrilled.

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