Electric Youth: Memory Emotion (2019)

A great second album by Canadian synth-pop band Electric Youth.

New emotions in memory

Like almost everybody, I discovered Electric Youth (Austin Garrick & Bronwyn Griffin 😍) with their sublime song A Real Hero, featuring in the also sublime movie Drive (2011, by Nicolas Winding Refn).

I really liked the Innerworld album, they are now back in 2019 with Memory Emotion. I’m still very receptive to what they do. The melancholy, the raw emotion, the synths…
The perfect music for people like me who like to day-dream while feeling a bit sad.

The formidable duo comes back with another great album. It starts off with two bombshell songs, then takes you on a delightful journey, playing with the pace when needed. The mood changes along the way and is at times atmospheric, frantic, nostalgic, sad, or more intimate. But everything flows very well.

Standout tracks are for me:
The Life
Now Now

You should check out the clips, especially ARAWA, Bronwyn is so 😱

You can follow them on Twitter here

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